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LC2600 Series Dual Opteron
  • Sturdy aircraft aluminum alloy inner frame
  • Jet black ABS plastic outer shell
  • Compact portable workstation
  • 15" or 17" LCD displays available
  • Exposed drive bays: 2x 5.25" and 1x 3.5
  • Full sized keyboard with a touchpad mouse
  • Internal 3.5" hard drive bay
  • 460 Watt auto ranging power supply
  • Supports PCI/PCI-X/PCIe cards (dependent on motherboard)
  • Dual Opteron Socket F Motherboard
  • Support for up to 2 Opteron 2000 Series Processors
  • CCSI WindTunnel™ CPU cooling system
  • Dual GigE NICs
  • Up to 16 Gig DDR2 memory
  • Soft sided wheeled carry bag with telescoping handle
  • Optional hard shell shipping case

The LC2600 Dual AMD Opteron™ Lunchbox Computer is, simply put, an awesome Portable Workstation or Portable Server. The LC2600 Dual AMD Opteron™ Lunchbox PC provides extremely high-performance not found in any notebook computer and it even eclipses the performance of many stationary servers. It offers the ultimate solution to performance-hungry portable computing applications with your choice of a 15" 1024x768 or a 17" 1280x1024 high-brightness TFT LCD display.

The LC2600 Dual AMD Opteron™ Lunchbox computer is constructed of an aircraft aluminum alloy chassis surrounded by a durable ABS plastic shell. It is built in our smallest chassis that accommodates a standard ATX motherboard and can still be taken as carry on baggage in commercial aircraft. It is the ideal platform for applications such as software development, portable servers, high powered portable workstations, field data acquisition, network/communications testing, high bit rate data acquisition, data logging for oil and gas exploration, new technology demonstration, and much more.

Call us today to specify a LC-2600-DO that satisfies your need for speed.


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