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LC3500 Rugged Lunchbox Computer Series
LC3800 Side View Features:
  • Available in 3 Screen/Chassis sizes
  • Rugged Aluminum and Steel construction to withstand heavy use
  • Rubber Bumpers on corners to cushion impacts
  • Seven full-length expansion slots (ATX & Extended ATX from factor M/B)
  • Dual system cooling fans
  • Easy access to expansion ports
  • Anti-glare tempered glass for protection to the LCD screen in harsh environments
  • Design to use standard PC components for easy upgrade and maintenance
  • Versatile all-in-one design facilitates easy system transportation
  • GENESIS Chipset A/D conversion board supports high performance video cards

CCSI's new LC-3500 Rugged Lunchbox Computer Series are heavy duty rugged commercial/industrial/military portable PCs with a chassis constructed of Aluminum and Steel with built-in shock absorbing corner bumpers. It is designed to be tough enough for many military and security applications. The LC-3500 Rugged Lunchbox Computer series is available in three screen sizes: 15", 17" and 20". The LC-3500 Lunchbox Computer is optimized for ruggedness as opposed to light weight and is ideal for users requiring ultra rugged mobility, a full compliment of expansion slots and durability. With its extruded aluminum enclosure weight of 13.5kgs(29.7 lbs with 20 screen), the LC-3500 portable computer is tough, rugged, and durable. This rugged portable system is an excellent choice for a full featured portable PC in harsh indoor and outdoor applications such as plant control and maintenance, flight line systems analysis, geophysical explorations, shipboard exposure, military deployment, factory floor environments, and many other applications.


LC3800 Front View

Dual Processor

LC1200 Battery Portable

LC2600 Portable Workstation Computer

LC3000 Rugged Lunchbox Computer

LC3500 Rugged Lunchbox Computer

LC4000 Rugged Lunchbox Computer

LC5000 Rugged Raid Lunchbox Computer

LC5100 Rugged Lunchbox Computer

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