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LC5000 Rugged Portable Raid Lunchbox Computer Series
LC5000FrontView Features:
  • Sturdy aircraft aluminum alloy inner frame
  • Rugged ABS plastic outer shell
  • Large LCD screen sizes, measuring 15.1" 1024x768 / 17.0" 1280x1024 XGA
  • Folding 108-key keyboard, with GlidePoint TouchPad mouse
  • 7 half/full length expansion slots (dependent on drive configuration)
  • Sliding port cover
  • Up to 6 accessible horizontal drive bays (5x5.25" and 1x3.5")
  • Auxiliary intake fans for system cooling
  • Amplified speaker with volume control
  • Up to 4.8 Terabytes Storage Space! NEW Up to 6TB coming soon!

The LC5000 Rugged Lunchbox Computer series is designed to maximize both drive bays and expansion slots while maintaining a portable PC platform for high powerful PC systems. It accommodates up to 7 half/full sized expansion cards and up to 6 exposed drives.

Measuring 17.25"(W) x 13.25"(H) x 9.75"/11.25"(D) with a system weight of approximately 30 lbs., the LC5000 Portable Computer is ruggedly built. The roomy interior provides unequaled drive capacity while still supporting up to 7 expansion cards. Its durability results from the double wall construction with an ABS plastic shell that absorbs minor bumps without damage and a sturdy internal aluminum alloy chassis for rigidity. It is ideal for mobile applications such as high volume data acquisition, portable or emergency servers with high capacity RAID, video capture and editing, portable audio and video studios, computer forensics, and many more.



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